Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack Get Unlimited Gems and Coins iOS Android

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links: What are the best beginner cards?

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links is the new mobile sensation since arriving on 19 January last in France. Adaptation for Smartphone’s of the famous card game that was able to score many players over the years 90/2000 is back, and this so thunderous, since the application is currently the most downloaded on Android! We can also understand why, so Yu Gi Oh Duel Links IOS was able to offer a content interesting, comprehensive and far from the usual Pay-To-Win of the mobile games. The game gives on a regular basis of the gems to the players, gems which subsequently opened packs to improve its decks. So it’s pretty easy to get many cards for any beginner, this without paying a single penny. We had already been able to unveil what were the best decks to start in Yu – Gi – Oh Duel Links, now let us turn to maps: what are the best cards to get when you are a beginner?

Some Important Tips Of Yu Gi Oh Duel Links :

Start with a card that does not mine, but that is extremely powerful in this game: the Ladybug of the damned at 4 stars. This card, with 800 attack and defense 1200 is not strong by his statistics, but by his flip effect: when it turns (or when an opponent attacks him when she is face-down), she destroys all the cards level 4 front side of Your opponent. This card can completely change the face of a party in your favor. The vermin death is also an extremely powerful card in its weak statistics: when its flip effect is activated, it allows to rely to vermin other, death of your face-down Deck. In short, it is an excellent defensive tool, but this can not be exceeded on the battlefield: you can, with this card, perform various sacrifices in simple invocations. Let’s not forget also that Duel Links is a card game: as any card game, draw is extremely important. Skelengel will allow you to draw with his flip effect, and this is what makes it important for any player starting.The card magic. If you want to get started in a ritual deck, you should also try to have the supersonic bird, which will be difficult to get. What other cards do you have when you are a beginner?

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