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TEST of Fire Emblem Heroes: Money is the sinews of war

The day before yesterday it was Valentine. Couples from all walks of life have benefited from this “Holy” day to multiply the demonstrations of love with a great fanfare of bouquets ordered on internet of Lindt chocolates in promotion at the corner or burnt food superstore. Me, like Joaquin Phoenix in the film Her, Valentine stayed with my computer to write this review for you on Fire Emblem Heroes, new free-to-play mobile of the firm of Kyoto. Much to say now, unfortunately more the bad date on “Chat Roulette” than the magical encounter on Tinder closer. Explanations.

Fire Emblem Heroes Game Reviews And Impotent Tips

Fire Emblem is the series of Tactical-RPG of the moment, a genre yet very accessible by everyone. However, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have managed to make the all attractive with an Overcoat “busy” and a management system of relationships that fit surprisingly well to the formula base and made today the success of this saga. The last Nintendo Direct specially dedicated to the Fire Emblem license proves the magnitude of excitement around this series. Free Fire Emblem Heroes Hack Orbs: is the first under the license to be available on mobile and has the heavy task to adapt the kind in a short format and, above all, Free-to-Play.

Love at first sight”

As soon as we launch the title and the cinematic is played for the first time, no doubt is allowed. One instantly recognizes the character design of our favorite characters and we gloat before being able to taste the joys of Fire Emblem on our cell phones. It’s a bit as if we finally met this girl on which they creaked for several months. We said that it would be so perfect at our side and nothing will ever separate us, just as the Fire Emblem saga seems perfect for our mobile phones.

We’ll spend in silence the scenario which is only a pretext to find hero known and unknown to the series. Thus Chrom, Roy and Marth cross iron on your mobile alongside lesser-known characters such as Wrys of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light or Matthew in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Add to this cast of new characters played by Anna, Alfonse and Sharena and you get there the Fire Emblem episode with the larger cast of the series.

In addition, in order to satisfy the fans hardcore saga, each unit has a record of unique character with several artworks of excellent quality made especially for this mobile title. Pressure on the portrait of the character it is also possible to hear a few lines of dialogue recorded by their original Doubler. Useless, so indispensable. The first contact, to fall under the spell of this Fire Emblem Heroes who knows how to speak to his fans.

“So, what are you doing in life?”

The title offers four modes of games main: the story mode in which you follow up battles interspersed with uninteresting dialogue, the arena mode that lets you compete against other players of asynchronously, the training mode where you follow fights without dialogue and finally the mode “special cards” allowing you to beat you to get one free every day.

As you can see, the fight will be your main activity in this Fire Emblem Heroes. Before start you the battle field, you can select a team of four heroes up on grids of 6 x 8 squares. This is little, very little, especially when one is accustomed to the Fire Emblem on consoles that allowed to control ten units on huge maps. Although the cards are perfectly suited to the screen of our mobile phones it is a pity to have sacrificed the epic and grandiose clashes aspect to find himself in front of a miniature version of Fire Emblem.

“Ha… I’m more sure to want a dessert.”

Once in combat, here we find the Trinity of iconic weapons of the series represented by colors. Red units, representing the Swordsmen are stronger than the Green units, axe holders, who have sway over blue units, the Lancers, who in turn have the advantage over the reds. Classic, but could not be effective.

However, many specific to the Fire Emblem mechanics are absent on this mobile episode. Thus, there is more level of friendship between units, it is no longer possible to perform attacks with two units at the same time, weapons have more durability gauge and, sacrilege for the series, the perma-death is no longer. And, no matter the difficulty mode in which you play! Note that you can even select the position of these units before the beginning of a fight while some cards territories voluntarily your units, leaving your Knight Pegasus defenceless in the face of a boosted Takumi to steroids.

I was talking about earlier miniature version of Fire Emblem, we sorry to see that this miniaturization has been applied to the size of the cards but also to this Fire Emblem Heroes game mechanics. Certainly, the last difficulty levels give of trouble at times, but most of the time it connects the fighting as it connects the swipes on Tinder. The cards are repeated tirelessly and tiny teams to form greatly limits the customization possibilities.

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Deluxeastuce review:

Super Mario Run is an addictive game which can be played with one hand. Our childhood game is back to life in this new pitch for the game of coins. The game is available for mobile platforms for the first time and it looks very good. Super Mario Run gives you that old feeling with the same sounds and enemies. Refundable stadiums as the player to return to learn more and make a rush of real coin. Nintendo is trying to revive the Mario franchise with this game. They will he succeed? We’ll see.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack Get Unlimited Gems and Coins iOS Android

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links: What are the best beginner cards?

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links is the new mobile sensation since arriving on 19 January last in France. Adaptation for Smartphone’s of the famous card game that was able to score many players over the years 90/2000 is back, and this so thunderous, since the application is currently the most downloaded on Android! We can also understand why, so Yu Gi Oh Duel Links IOS was able to offer a content interesting, comprehensive and far from the usual Pay-To-Win of the mobile games. The game gives on a regular basis of the gems to the players, gems which subsequently opened packs to improve its decks. So it’s pretty easy to get many cards for any beginner, this without paying a single penny. We had already been able to unveil what were the best decks to start in Yu – Gi – Oh Duel Links, now let us turn to maps: what are the best cards to get when you are a beginner?

Some Important Tips Of Yu Gi Oh Duel Links :

Start with a card that does not mine, but that is extremely powerful in this game: the Ladybug of the damned at 4 stars. This card, with 800 attack and defense 1200 is not strong by his statistics, but by his flip effect: when it turns (or when an opponent attacks him when she is face-down), she destroys all the cards level 4 front side of Your opponent. This card can completely change the face of a party in your favor. The vermin death is also an extremely powerful card in its weak statistics: when its flip effect is activated, it allows to rely to vermin other, death of your face-down Deck. In short, it is an excellent defensive tool, but this can not be exceeded on the battlefield: you can, with this card, perform various sacrifices in simple invocations. Let’s not forget also that Duel Links is a card game: as any card game, draw is extremely important. Skelengel will allow you to draw with his flip effect, and this is what makes it important for any player starting.The card magic. If you want to get started in a ritual deck, you should also try to have the supersonic bird, which will be difficult to get. What other cards do you have when you are a beginner?

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