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Stuck.  Going in circles.  On dead center.  Spinning my wheels.  Up that famous creek without a paddle.  In the state of up against it.  Stymied.  We have lots of expressions to describe a problem-solving effort that doesnít solve the problem.  Evidently, we want to talk about this a lot.  It must be a familiar experience.  It doesnít have to be.

If you always do what youíve always done,
 youíll always get what youíve always got.

If you want a different result, you need some new ideas.  Brainstorming is a way to get ideas.  Brainstorming is cheap.  Itís fun.  It may be the only part of problem-solving that is fun. 

Well, besides winning.

But traditional brainstorming needs a group of people to generate ideas.  That probably works for General Motors, General Mills and General Electric.  But most of us arenít generals.  We donít have a group of people available for a couple of hours to help us think of ideas.  Or maybe we donít want to go public with the problem right now.  

What we need is brainstorming for people in general.  Or for people who are not generals.  So we made some brainstorming tools that you can use in the privacy of your own home.

Quick Tricks: Cuepons

Idea Slogans and Tips

Problem Slogans

More tools
Thinking Tools

Idea Clipit

Head Office


Brain Sprints

A problem is your opportunity to show what you can do.

Why you might want to use the brainstorming tools.

You donít know where to start.

You donít like any of the outcomes that seem likely.

You need more information to know enough for a decision.

You already tried a solution and ran into surprises.

You want to see if there is a solution that will really pay off for you.

You wonder whether you may be trying to solve the wrong problem.

Semi-Structured Brainstorming

Traditional Brainstorming

Thinkerer's Tools, Layout

Problemater's Kit (.pdf)
Tools for brains that feed on problems

The Thinkerer 09/07/2009
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